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Stepn Activation Code

How Healthy Diet Helps Reduce Cholesterol

Learn to eat healthy to lower your cholesterol in your blood that can actually save your life. If you have high LDL or bad cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol is good if followed by power management and proper exercise. All foods are not equal when it comes to cholesterol and some food are bad for your cholesterol level while some lower HDL cholesterol levels of course to help reduce bad cholesterol and raise your good cholesterol levels in your body.

Eat oatmeal that really helps you to reduce cholesterol. Steel cut whole oats or oat flour (plaster) the healthy types of oatmeal. Instant oatmeal is not very good for you depending on what it is that is bad for you. Many immediate and oats fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oils are in them always check the label before you consume such foods. Oat was immediately treated too so it is not good for you to cut steel or rolled oats meal.

Eat plenty of salmon to maintain a good balance of cholesterol in your body. Fish and other foods like the tune, mackerel and sardines. Eating salmon at least three times a week will help you to maintain a balance diet and healthy cholesterol levels. Fish is high in Omega 3 "s and is well known for helping to increase healthy cholesterol levels in our body. Eating almonds in small amounts every day has been shown to increase good cholesterol. Almonds are rich in fat, but it is good that the fat is good for your body. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. At least 50% of consumption in foods each day should be fruits and vegetables. Review your plate at a meal and to ensure that 50% of the plate covered with vegetables is another way to ensure healthy diet for healthy cholesterol. 25% of the group experts suggest lean meat (turkey or fish) and 25% of the boards should contain whole grains or starchy vegetables like potatoes should comprise your one meal for ensuring the best results..

The next step that you should ensure is workout that should be at least three to five days a week if you have high bad cholesterol LDL. Not less than 30 minutes a day is good but 60 minutes a day is optimal and will help you ideally. In addition you can eat foods that reduce cholesterol but also for the exercise to help you reduce your cholesterol.

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