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How To Decrease Your Cholesterol  

High blood cholesterol is one of the most major causes of heart disease and myocardial infarction in the world today. Millions of people suffer from high cholesterol in the blood and whether hereditary or due to food they consume.

Cholesterol is a fat molecule produced by the liver and is spread throughout the body via the bloodstream. It is a natural part of the cells. In a normal amount of cholesterol in the body can help in many ways. That is when it comes to unhealthy cholesterol levels to become health hazards.

High blood cholesterol is a serious risk to the health of millions of people around the world. While the proportion of high blood cholesterol due to genetics or diet and there are ways to reduce cholesterol in the blood at a level that poses a threat to their health.

The most important way to lower cholesterol is to change your diet. This includes reducing consumption of red meat, milk and cheese and other dairy products. These foods are rich in cholesterol and can increase the risk of a heart attack.

Changing your diet does not mean sacrificing your taste and flavor. There are many foods low in trans fats, which are necessary to maintain low cholesterol levels. Fruits, vegetables and fish can help you lead a long and healthy life. Studies have shown that cultures who consume these foods as part of the diet have much lower cholesterol and longevity.

The next step is to include an exercise routine in their daily lives. This will also help reduce your cholesterol. Changing the way of life can be difficult to adapt and adopt a positive attitude is a necessity. Having a positive attitude will help you maintain the lifestyle change that you have committed.

For those who can not control cholesterol through diet and exercise, there are drugs on the market today that helps to lower cholesterol significantly. Medication can be given once the doctor has done tests that show the high proportion of cholesterol in the blood.

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